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Comprehensive Services for Sustainable Growth and Success

Crafting precise financial roadmaps aligned with your business objectives.

Business Growth Consulting Services in New England and South FL

Growth Consulting

We understand the challenges of business growth. Our expert coaching helps owners transition from daily operations to strategic business development. We specialize in overcoming obstacles and guiding you to overcome challenges, ensuring not only business expansion but also a harmonious work-life balance.

Maximize Your Business Potential

Discover the Hidden Value in Your Business

Planned Value Group specializes in using the proven Value Acceleration Methodology™ to maximize the value of businesses in New England and South FL. Our experts uncover hidden potential within your organization, providing comprehensive Business Value Enhancement analysis to identify optimization opportunities.

With years of experience, we work closely with you to develop customized strategies, whether you're preparing for an exit or enhancing operational efficiency. Trust Planned Value Group to increase the value and transferability of your business.

Optimize Your Business’s True Worth

Business Valuation

Understand and enhance your business’s value with PVG’s Business Valuation services. We provide a comprehensive review of your business, including a current valuation and a strategic report with actionable steps to increase its worth.

Our thorough and insightful approach combines financial acumen with market trend analysis and operational efficiency. Whether as a standalone service or part of our value acceleration or exit planning, we equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed for future growth or a well-planned exit.

Leadership Expertise on Demand

Fractional C-Suite Services

Overcome leadership gaps with PVG’s Fractional C-Suite Services. Our seasoned professionals step in as your COO, CRO, CMO, or CFO, offering expert leadership without the long-term commitment.

We tailor our approach to fit your company’s unique needs, driving operational efficiency, revenue growth, marketing strategies, and financial health. Ideal for businesses at pivotal growth stages, our executives provide the right expertise at the right time to propel your company towards success.

Exit Planning Solutions

Expert Guidance for Seamless Business Transitions

Exiting a business can be overwhelming, with 80-90% of businesses never changing hands due to a lack of transferability. At Planned Value Group, we specialize in seamless exit planning for New England and South FL businesses.

Our tailored services go beyond Certified Exit Planning Advisors and Certified Founders Group Associates. We coordinate advisors for a successful ownership transfer, providing comfort and confidence for any transition. Good exit planning is essential for solid business planning!

Planned Valued Group is Your Business Partner

One thing in common is we are all successful business owners, who have grown and exited our companies. “Built by owners for owners”.